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Your teeth have microscopic pores and other textures which can gradually trap tiny dark particles from certain foods and beverages. These areas are especially vulnerable to tar and other chemicals from smoking or chewing tobacco. When the stains aren’t removed, your teeth can appear unhealthy and unattractive.

To fight this problem, you can brush your teeth with whitening toothpaste every morning and evening. This will remove surface stains before they can penetrate deep into your tooth enamel. You can even alternate what toothpaste you use and still have an effect. You may brush with whitening toothpaste at night and fluoride toothpaste in the morning, for example.

It is of note that the primary whitening agent used in most retail brands of whitening toothpaste is composed of a mild concentration of hydrogen peroxide. This concoction simply isn’t potent enough to effectively remove moderate to severe stains from your smile. If you are looking for a more powerful solution, you can get a professional tooth whitening treatment at T.F. Chen DDS.

When your shop for whitening toothpaste, always look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. The seal means that the toothpaste has been researched and tested for both safety and effectiveness.

If you live in the Glendale, California area and are struggling with dental stains, you can call 818-502-1991 to schedule a whitening consultation with Dr. T.F. Chen today!