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Raising kids is tough work. As a parent, you want what’s best for them. Getting them to understand that something they don’t like now will be good for them in the future, however, is a tall task indeed.

A good example of that is oral health. Kids rarely enjoy brushing their teeth, let alone flossing. But the more you help your kids improve their oral health at that young age, the better it will be as they grow up. That means you’re not spending a ton of money to fix your kids’ oral health problems, like cavities.

Bring them in early
To help get your kids on the right oral health track, you should bring them to a dentist when they get their first tooth or have their first birthday. It doesn’t matter which happens first – just be sure to schedule an appointment with Dr. T.F. Chen or Dr. Rosana Chen when it does.

Make it fun
If you can make oral health fun for your kids, the chances of them doing great with it on their own rise exponentially. Reminding them of the rewards they get at our offices in T.F. Chen DDS in Glendale, California, after they’re well-behaved during checkups. You can encourage that same behavior at home by giving them rewards there as well.

Teaching kids great oral health habits are important at a young age. We’ve seen it help countless times, which is why we recommend it so highly. To learn more, or to make an appointment, call us today at 818-502-1991.