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Have you ever thought about a dental crown to improve your smile? Even a single crown can give you a drastic smile makeover for the tooth in which it is placed. This is because dental crowns are designed to go on strong and provide decades of support for any teeth that may have suffered previous dental damage. They can even go on strong to help prevent further damage from arising.

If you require the use of a dental crown to improve your smile, understand that they have multiple benefits to provide. Not only can they drastically improve the look of your smile, but they can even aid in the protection they provide to each tooth. Because they go completely over a tooth, they can provide decades of support and prevent dental damage from arising.

Dental crowns are safe enough to use for children who are at a high risk for tooth decay and cavities. If you do need to fill in a cavity with a dental filling, but not enough tooth remains, a dental crown can bind a filling and the tooth together. Furthermore, dental crowns are effective for covering up previous tooth restorations such as implants, root canals, and bridges.

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