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If you ever have any cause for concerns due to stress from visiting your dentist, you are probably suffering from a health condition known as dental anxiety. Although dental anxiety won’t cause any issues to your body other than stress-related issues, it is still important to make sure that it is treated, which is because if you start neglecting your oral health care by avoiding your dentist, you may miss underlying issues that are popping up in your mouth.

Always make sure that you visit your dentist for routine checkups and oral examinations as you need them. Don’t forget to have professional cleanings done every 6 months as well. One of the key issues that often arise with dental anxiety is a fear of visiting the dental office, which can often be alleviated by talking to your dentist about it. By speaking with your dentist about any oral health care procedures you may need, you’ll have a better understanding and a lower stress level.

However, if dental anxiety continues to occur, there are several treatments that can be given in the office, including stress relieving objects to hold during your treatment. Furthermore, calming and relaxing music can be played, and sedatives can be given to help assist with any pain that you may feel.

It’s often beneficial to try to visualize yourself in a place that brings you joy, which could be on a roller coaster or at a beach. If for any reason you are suffering from dental anxiety before even visiting your dentist, try working on your breathing patterns to lower stress levels. It’s also been proven to be helpful to use meditative therapy such as yoga. For any additional concerns you have about dental anxiety, be sure to talk to your dentist about it.

Do you still have lingering questions about dental anxiety? Drs. T.F. Chen and Rosana Chen and our team at our dental office in Glendale, California are always here to help you take the steps to building a healthier you. You are welcome to call T.F. Chen DDS at 818-502-1991 to book an appointment with us to discuss your options for dental anxiety treatments.