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When the dental community first introduced dental implants, they were typically used to replace one missing tooth at a time, but the evolution of dental technology in the last 20 or so years has enabled dental professionals to use dental implants in a wider variety of ways, such as replacing multiple teeth. The game-changing pairing of dental implants with dental bridges allows multiple teeth to be replaced by your dentist.

At T.F. Chen DDS, we use decay-resistant materials to fabricate your dental bridge and its titanium abutments, but we encourage you still to regularly brush and floss in order to clean plaque and food particles from your implant. A buildup of plaque on the gum line can lead to gum disease, and gum disease in its advanced stages can loosen the abutments that hold your bridge in place.

If you are struggling to clean the food and plaque from your dental bridge, our dentist can recommend cleaning products such as a water flosser, a waxed floss threader, or an interdental brush.

We also highly encourage you to attend regular dental checkups with Dr. T.F. Chen and Chen so that our team can remove tartar deposits off of your implants and help you keep your gums in good health.

If you have missing teeth and are considering receive a dental implant bridge in Glendale, California, please call T.F. Chen DDS at 818-502-1991 today to schedule an appointment with our dentist.