What is a dental sealant?
A dental sealant is a simple yet effective preventive dental treatment. Dental sealants are formed using a plastic resin material, which is painted onto the chewing surface of the tooth. This resin hardens and creates a barrier to protect the tooth from decay. Sealants work by:

  • Blocking out the food debris and bacteria that cause tooth decay and cavities
  • Forming a smooth surface on the tooth, which is easier to keep clean than the grooves and pits that are naturally on the surface of the tooth

Dental sealants are almost 100% effective in preventing tooth decay.

Do I need dental sealants?
Our experienced dentists will most often recommend dental sealants for children. Dental sealants in Glendale, California are usually applied to the back molars because these teeth are typically most susceptible to decay. We suggest that dental sealants be placed on the permanent back molars as soon as they erupt, which is generally between 6 and 12 years of age. Some adults may also benefit from dental sealants. For more information on the benefits of dental sealants and preventive dentistry, we invite you to contact us at T.F. Chen DDS soon. Our number is 818-502-1991.