What is a dental bridge?
A dental bridge is a fixed dental appliance used to replace one or more missing teeth. If you are missing one tooth or several teeth in a row, we may recommend a dental bridge to restore the health, beauty, and function of your smile. Because bridges are fixed (non-removable) dental restorations, you can feel confident that your bridge will be secure and stable in your mouth. Our dentists will use two dental crowns to anchor the artificial replacement tooth in place. The crowns are attached to the teeth or dental implants adjacent to the missing teeth to stabilize the replacement teeth. A dental bridge in Glendale, California can be completed in just two visits to T.F. Chen DDS.

Do I need a dental bridge?
Dental bridges are an excellent option if you are missing one or multiple teeth. Our experienced dentists may suggest a dental bridge in order to:

  • Replace a removable partial denture
  • Alleviate uneven stress on the bite
  • Restore your ability to properly eat, chew, and speak
  • Improve your facial shape and volume
  • Enhance the appearance of your smile

We invite you to contact us today to learn more about how a dental bridge can improve your smile.

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