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If you frequently experience dental pain, it could be a sign of cavities attacking the tooth enamel. It’s important that you visit the dentist regularly to receive dental checkups so that your cavities will not remain undetected until they extend past the tooth enamel and invade the tiny nerve endings that network under the tooth. Visiting the dentist twice a year enables us to detect early signs of cavities and protect your smile from extensive damage.

When you visit T.F. Chen DDS for a dental checkup, we carefully screen your mouth for signs of tooth decay or periodontal disease so that we can treat these conditions while they are minor and less expensive. We urge you to not delay treatment until you have tooth decay so advanced that it requires large dental fillings, a root canal, or the removal of the tooth.

Your symptoms of a cavity may include:

– Throbbing or sharp dental pain, especially when biting down or chewing.
– Sensitivity when breathing cold air or drinking sweet, cold, or hot drinks.
– Chipping or fracture in a tooth.
– Dark spots on your teeth.

Our dentists, Dr. T.F. Chen and Dr. Rosana Chen may need to treat tooth decay by placing a dental filling to replace the decay and fill any tooth fractures or cracks. Please schedule your next dental checkup in Glendale, California, with a call to T.F. Chen DDS at 818-502-1991 if you have not been to see the dentist in a while or suspect you have a cavity.